How to make a three point turn / turn in the road

A. During your driving test, the examiner will ask you to park up on the left. On occasions this will be just to make sure you park up safely. He's looking to see if you use the correct mirrors, indicate and stop on the left at an appropriate distance from the curb in a safe, legal and convenient position.

When you have done this, he may simply ask you to move off again. Or, it may be to make a three point turn.

Three point turn diagram

B. To make the 3 point turn manoeuvre, ensure you look in your mirrors before moving. Main mirror, right mirror and your blind spot to the right. There are 3 key skills to this manoeuvre:
Control - keeping the car very slow. Think of a slow walking pace.
Accuracy - ensuring you do not hit the curb.
Observations - continuous and appropriate observation.

As you move off slowly using clutch control, steer briskly to full right lock. as the front of the car reaches around 1 metre from the curb, turn the wheel 1 full turn to the left. Your instructor will help you with reference points if you are unsure where this is. put the clutch down, gently brake to a stop, apply the handbrake and select reverse gear.

Three point turn diagram

C. Find the clutch biting point to make sure you don't roll forward and hit the curb. Before moving the car in reverse ensure you look both ways up the road to make sure there are no approaching vehicles if all clear look out your rear windscreen and proceed slowly backwards steering briskly to full left lock. If you vehicles approach during the manoeuvre, stop the car and let them go around you if possible. If it looks like they're going to stop and wait, then proceed with the manoeuvre. Be aware of pedestrians on the pavement and do not drive towards anyone.

Around half way in the road, look over your right shoulder at the curb on the right. 1 metre from the curb briskly steer 1 complete turn of the wheel to the right. Again, your instructor will help you with a reference point.

Three point turn diagram

D. Apply the clutch and gently brake to a stop. Apply the handbrake select first gear and again find your biting point to ensure you don't roll the car backwards into the curb. Before moving off, look up and down the road and if all clear move off slowly and steer briskly to the right.

If you do hit the curb during the manoeuvre, ask the examiner if you can try again. Time permitting he may well let you. If successful you may well still pass your test.

Three point turn diagram

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