Our Driving instructor test pass rates

The driving instructors at Bury St Edmunds Driving School use tried, tested and proven teaching techniques. The system we use accommodates learners of all ages and abilities.

Our instructors are at all times friendly, patient and at all times instill confidence within our learners. We believe this combined with our teaching technique is what provides the majority of our learners with a first time driving test pass.

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About Bury St Edmunds Driving School

Originally covering the Cambridgeshire area, our school  gained in popularity due to our patient and friendly approach to teaching. Learning to drive can be a stressful experience. By making learners as relaxed as possible, ability to learn and first time test pass rates increase significantly. 
As a result of Cambridgeshire driving school's success, Suffolk based Bury St Edmunds Driving School was formed.

Using the same teaching methods as used by Cambridgeshire driving school, our fully qualified driving instructors endeavour to bring the highest chance possible of a first time test pass and with no more hours than necessary to gain you test standard driving.

We feel the only way to learn to drive is to drive. Our promise is to get you behind the wheel driving, even on your first lesson. Of course some theory during the lessons is needed, but we don't waste your time and money with countless hours of 'the theory of driving'. All of this can be learnt much faster and easier behind the wheel.

All the elements of the DSA syllabus are taught using a structured approach. We teach at a speed that is appropriate for each individual using easy to remember reference points for general road driving and manoeuvres. Visit our Helpful information section for advice, tips and tutorials to help you pass the driving test.

Our proven techniques will enable you to gain confidence quickly and safely.

If you have any questions of require any information, please feel free to contact us or for further information, please read our frequently asked questions.