Frequently asked questions by learner drivers

How old must I be to start driving a car?
You can start learning to drive a car at 17 years old.

Do I need to pass my theory test before I can learn to drive?
You can learn to drive once you have your provisional licence. Learning to drive will help you pass your theory test.

How can I apply for a provisional licence?
Available from most Post Offices, application form D1 and photo card application form D750. To have your licence ready for your birthday, applications can be made up to 3 months in advance.

How do I apply for a theory test?
You can visit the DSA web site by clicking here or call them on 0300 200 1122. You will need your provisional licence number and a credit / debit card to pay.

How much does the theory test cost?
The current fee for the theory test is £31.00.

When am I able to take my practical driving test?
You will need a provisional driving licence and to have passed your theory test, you will then be 
able to book a practical driving test.

How do I book my practical driving test?
To book online click here or to book your test by phone, call 0300 200 1122. To book a practical test online or over the phone you will need a valid debit or credit card and your driving licence number.

How much does the practical driving test cost?
The current fee during week days is £62.00. Weekend fee is £75.00.

How much do your driving lessons cost?
Per hour we charge £22.00. Discounts are available for block bookings.

What cars do you have?
We use various cars. All our cars are small which is ideal for test manoeuvres. All our cars are well maintained and fully insured for learner drivers.

Do I use a driving school car for my test?
You will use the very same car that you have taken your lessons in.

Do you provide tuition in automatic cars?
Currently we only provide tuition in manual transmission cars.

How many lessons can I have per week?
As many as you wish. The more lessons you have, the faster you will learn.

Over how many days are your intensive courses taken? 
This varies on an individuals schedule and abilities. An intensive course can be taken from 2 or 3 days to 2 or 3 weeks. Ideally a driving test is booked and then the course is scheduled in just before the test. This way, all that the pupil has learnt will be fresh for the test.

How many lessons will I need before I can take my test?
The DSA calculate that on average it takes 45 hours of professional tuition plus 20 hours of private tuition. On average however, our pupils gain test standard driving in around 30 hours.

What are the 'Show Me Tell Me' driving test questions'?
Before the driving part of your test starts, the Examiner will ask you 2 questions. 1 'Show Me' that will require you to physically check something, for example the oil level and 1 'Tell Me' question on car safety and maintenance which will require an explanation.

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