Learner driver help

Provided are tutorials for learner drivers to assist in driving lessons, theory test and the practical driving test.

Learning to drive can be expensive and although the tutorials will help assist in your training, a highly experienced and fully qualified driving instructor like those at Bury St Edmunds Driving School is essential to provide professional assistance.

Taking a moment to read the tutorials, including a familiarisation with test routes will aid you in your driving lessons, allow you to become confident faster and may reduce the over all amount of lessons required.

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Helpful information - tips, advice and tutorials helping you learn to drive

Bury St Edmunds Driving School help and information
Frequently asked questions
Terms and conditions
Train to become a driving instructor
Driving instructors looking for work - join us
What makes a good driving instructor?
Theory Test
Bury St Edmunds theory test centre address
What happens on the theory test
Driving lesson syllabus. Skills needed to pass your driving test [ Print Pdf ]
Cockpit drill PDF The cockpit drill
Car controls Use of car controls and instruments
Moving off safely - manual transmission Moving off safely
Parking up on the left Pdf tutorial Parking up on the left
Clutch control PDF Clutch control
Moving off at an angle PDF tutorial Moving off at an angle
Moving off uphill / downhill PDF print Moving off uphill / downhill
Emergency stop PDF print Emergency stop l Skid control
How to change gears PDF print Changing gears
  Steering technique
Effective use of mirrors print PDF Effective use of mirrors
  Effective use of signals
  Turning left
  Turning right
  Emerging left
  Emerging right
  One way systems
  Lane discipline and correct positioning
Crossroads tutorial Crossroads
Roundabouts tutorial Roundabouts
Pedestrian crossing pdf Pedestrian crossings
  Keeping space either side
  Following distance
  Keeping pace with traffic
  Meeting traffic
  Crossing traffic
  Dual carriageways
  Country roads
  Reversing in a straight line
Left reverse Pdf tutorial Reversing around a corner / Left reverse
3 point turn Pdf tutorial Turn in the road / 3 point turn
Parallel parking Pdf tutorial Reverse parking / Parallel parking
Bay parking Pdf tutorial Bay parking
Practical driving test
  Bury St Edmunds driving test centre address
  Car test routes for Bury St Edmunds
Show me Tell me printable Pdf Show Me Tell Me driving test questions & answers
  Driving test advice
Car advice for newly qualified drivers
  Car insurance advice
  Ideal cars for new drivers