How to control a skidding car

A car skidding can happen for many reasons. Dangerous road conditions such as snow or ice and standing water are the most common. When the weather has been dry for sometimes and then it rains a build up of oils on the road surface mix with the water making a slippery surface.

Driving to fast for the road condition is the main cause. Braking too hard on ice or driving too fast round a corner on a wet road for example can cause a skid to occur.


If the rear of the car skids to the right, steer to the right.
If the rear skids to the left, steer to the left.


If you feel your wheels slipping then it's important to stay calm. Stomping on the brake or the gas pedal, or wildly steering the wheel will make the situation much worse.

Recovering from a skid
If you do feel the wheel starting to slip away, gently release the gas pedal and if your rear wheels are skidding to the right then gently steer to the right. The car will start to straighten and then you can straighten the steering wheel. If your rear wheels are skidding to the right and you steer to the left, this will make the skid worse and the car may spin.

Tips to prevent a skid

  • Do not brake hard on a slippery surface. Especially ice or snow
  • Slow down before making a turn on a slippery surface
  • Always drive at the appropriate speed for the conditions

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