How to left reverse around a corner

A. Left reverse is one of the 4 manoeuvres you will need to learn for your driving test. You will be required to perform two manoeuvres on your test. On your driving test, the examiner will first ask you to park up on the left just before a turning to the left. He will then ask you that he wishes you to perform the left reverse manoeuvre.

Before moving off, don't forget to check your mirrors, blind spot and indicate if necessary. Take a look into the road you will be reversing into as you pass to make sure it is suitable for the manoeuvre.

Left corner reverse

B. Just as you are about to pass the left turn, check your mirrors and indicate if necessary. Stop the car around 2 to 3 car lengths beyond the corner and around 16 inches from the curb. Stop parallel to the curb and ensure your wheels are straight. Once stopped, apply the handbrake and select reverse gear. Make a note of where the curb is out of your rear windscreen as this reference point will help you later.

Before moving the car backwards, ensure that your car will not roll forwards. If in doubt apply the clutch bite point. Take a good look around for approaching vehicles and cyclists. Also be aware of pedestrians on the pavement that may cross the road you are reversing in to. Once you are satisfied it is clear, look out the rear windscreen and then slowly move the car backwards. Your speed should be that of a very slow walking pace.

left reverse

C. Reverse to the point of turn remembering to keep looking out the rear windscreen and also frequent checks in front for oncoming vehicles. You will need to stop the car for approaching vehicles or cyclists. The point of turn is where the rear wheel nearest to the curb lines up with the start of the corner. It will be difficult to establish where this is. Your driving instructor will provide you with a reference point to help.

Check your left mirror to ensure you remain a similar distance from the curb and also whilst looking out the rear windscreen, keep the curb in its reference point as before. Before you start steering round the bend, ensure you take all round observation as this is where the front of your car will swing into the road and become a hazard.

reverse around a corner

D. Once you have reached the point of turn, steer one full turn to the left. At this point, the front of your car is going to move out into the road. You will need to keep the car very slow taking frequent looks out the rear windscreen, out your driver side window down the road and also in front ensuring that you stop the car for approaching vehicles or cyclists. Look in your left mirror occasionally to ensure the curb remains in view.

As you round the corner, whilst looking out the rear windscreen check for the curb to come back in view for your reference point as before. This will indicate that you are parallel to the curb. You need to stop around 3 car lengths from the corner and reasonably close to the curb.

reverse corner reverse

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