Learn reverse park / parallel parking manoeuvre

A. There are 3 key elements to performing the parallel park manoeuvre. Control - keeping the car very slow
Accuracy - avoid touching the curb
Observation - appropriate observation

The examiner will ask you to park up on the left behind the vehicle he wishes you to reverse park on. You will perform this exercise behind one vehicle and not between two. For your starting position, place your car around 2/3 of a meter away from the yellow car. The front of the yellow car should be half way in the passenger door as in diagram A. Once stopped apply the handbrake and select reverse gear. Before moving the car in reverse, take appropriate observation. Take a good look around for any approaching vehicles or cyclists then look out of the rear windscreen and if all clear, very slowly reverse the car.

Parallel reverse parking manoeuvre

B. Slowly reverse to level the cars at the rear. Speed must be that of a slow walking pace. You can control the cars speed by using clutch control. Keeping continuous observation, you must stop your car if any cars or cyclists approach at a reasonable close range. Once they have passed, you can continue.

Reference points are often used on manoeuvres. To enable you to establish where the cars are level, our instructors will provide you with reference points that are easy to remember to make the manoeuvre much easier. By remembering the reference points throughout the manoeuvre, it will provide you with the accuracy to perform the parallel parking manoeuvre successfully without touching the curb or finishing to far into the road.

Parallel reverse parking manoeuvre

C. Once your car is level with the rear of the car you are parking behind, steer the wheel briskly one complete turn to the left. This will put your car at a 45 degree angle. Continue to look out the rear windscreen as this is the way you are traveling as well as in front and also down the road looking out your driver seat window. Effective observation must be continuously made. Many tests are failed due to this.

Once you have reached the point in diagram C, your instructor will provide you with another reference point. For example, this could be lining your passenger side wing mirror up with the rear right corner of the yellow car.

Parallel reverse parking manoeuvre

D. At this reference point, steer the wheel briskly to right lock. This will swing the front of the car towards the curb. Make sure you keep an eye on the front of the car so the front wheel does not hit the curb. Once you are nearly parallel with the curb straighten out the wheels. Ensure you are not parked too far into the road. If so correct your position by slowly continuing to reverse if there isn't enough room to move forward. If you finish the manoeuvre around one car length or more from the car in front, slowly move forward to decrease the gap ensuring you leave enough space to drive off without the need to reverse once again.

If you do hit the curb during the manoeuvre, ask the examiner if you can try again. Time permitting he may well let you. If successful you may still pass your test.

Parallel reverse parking manoeuvre

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