Roundabout tutorial

There are many different types of roundabouts. Some small unmarked and some large complicated roundabouts with many lanes. This tutorial demonstrates the common roundabout type with the typical use of lanes that you are likely to use on your driving test.

Turning left - 1st exit

On approaching a roundabout remember this sequence: MSPSL - Mirror - Signal - Position - Speed - Look.
As we approach the roundabout look in your main and left mirrors. Signal to the left, position your car in the left lane and slow down as you will need to give way to cars from the right. Start observations as soon as you can making sure not to look just to the right for oncoming vehicles.

Alternate your observation. Quickly look right, then back to where you are going, right again then where you are going etc. This way you will make sure that you stay in your lane. If a car is approaching from the right, position your car at point A. Judge the oncoming cars speed and distance and when ready move off keeping to the left lane to take the 1st exit.

Roundabout tutorial - turning left


Straight ahead - 2nd exit

Again on approaching the roundabout use the MSPSL routine. Look in your main mirror on approach as you will be slowing down or stopping. As we are going straight at the roundabout there is no need for an initial signal. Unless indicated by road markings or signs, position your car in the left lane, slow down and start observations as soon as possible.

Stop in position A if cars approach from the right. Once clear move off keeping in your left lane. It's important to stay in your lane as there may be a car to your side.

As in the diagram, once you have just passed the 1st exit look in your main and left mirror and indicate to the left. This will tell other road users that you intend to take the next exit. Proceed to the next exit.


Turning right - 3rd exit

Using the MSPSL routine look in your main and left mirror and signal to the right. Position your car into the right lane and slow down. Observe to the right and straight ahead and be prepared to stop for oncoming vehicles at position A.

Once clear proceed into the inside lane. As you pass the 2nd exit, look in your main and left mirror and signal to the left. Steadily move your car over to the left lane and proceed to the 3rd exit. Once you have exited roundabouts, ensure that you cancel your signal if it fails to automatically cancel and take a look in your main mirror.

Turning right at roundabout

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